For many, spending a day outdoors in the middle of nowhere isn’t exactly the best concept for a romantic evening. Most people prefer to go to the movies, a dinner or a simple walk in the park next to that special person. However, camping can also be romantic. You just have to make sure you take everything you need to turn it into a magical moment.
Going camping requires days of planning. You must choose the perfect place, the food you’ll take and the activities you’ll do during the trip. If you have an adventurous heart and you’re a nature lover, camping would be the perfect excuse to get away with your couple and get to know him/her even better.
Couples need to spend time alone, away from the distractions of the outside world, to strengthen their bonds and become more united. In this article you’ll find useful couples camping ideas to relive the flame of love.

Romantic Camping Ideas for Adults

Turning a camping trip into a romantic evening requires attention to detail. To guarantee a memorable moment, you must make sure everything is perfect. That implies the perfect setting, meals and entertainment. Certainly, there are many things to think about.

If this is the first time you plan a romantic camping trip and you don’t know where to start, don’t worry. Below you’ll find some romantic camping Ideas that may help you.


1. Location is everything

Part of the success of your romantic evening depends on the place you choose. The scenery must be magical, surrounded by huge trees, crystalline lakes and imposing mountains. Make sure that the place makes you feel in love with nature.

For example, choose a place where you can see the sunrise every morning, near water bodies where you can swim, fish or sail. There’s nothing better than feeling the fresh air on your face while you smell the delightful smells of nature. So, choose a pine forest or any other place near aromatic plants.

If you live in the United States you can visit the website of the NRRS to find places to camp near you. You can also find valuable information about the outdoors activities you can do in each location and the available services.

Some places include basic services such as public toilets and electricity to ensure visitors’ comfort.

couples camping ideas (location)

2. The perfect gear

Choosing the perfect place isn’t enough. You must also carry with you some essential accessories for maximum comfort and entertainment. Here’s a list of what you need:

  • Instant camera

Since digital cameras and smartphones went on the market, instant cameras began to lose ground. However, there’s still something special about instant cameras that make them the best to immortalize those magic moments of your life. In addition, they provide that vintage looking to photographs that filters on digital cameras can’t match.

  • String lights

String lights provide that fairy tail atmosphere that you need to turn a romantic evening into something magical. You can hang some of these in the surrounding trees or in the entrance and interior of your tent.

Make sure to choose string lights powered by batteries, like LED lights, for example. They provide greater intensity of light and consume less energy. So, by choosing LED string lights, you can maximize the life of your batteries.

  • Double sleeping bags

It makes no sense to plan romantic camping and then sleep separately from your boyfriend/girlfriend. Therefore, stay away from individual sleeping bags. Better choose a double sleeping bag, where you and your couple can share mutual warmth during the cold nights. Obviously, kisses and cuddles are included in the pack.

Some double sleeping bags include mummy heads and Velcro seals to better conserve heat. They also include zipped side openings to allow airflow in case things get too hot inside. Certainly, these models provide maximum comfort, but they’re also more expensive.

  • A pair of cups and a bottle of champagne

Champagne can’t be missing in any romantic evening. So, make sure you bring a bottle and a pair of cups to your trip. In some camping places, glass objects, such as bottles and containers are prohibited because they can cause fires.

So, to respect the rules, use cups and containers made of plastic or stainless steel. Don’t choose those disposable cups that people use to drink beer at parties. A bad choice could ruin the romance.

  • Speaker

Obviously, music can’t be missing. To please your couple, make a playlist with their favorite music themes. Keep the music at low volume for a relaxed atmosphere. That way, you and your couple won’t have to raise your voice to speak and can enjoy the sounds of nature.

  • Picnic backpack

A picnic backpack contains everything you need to enjoy a perfect outdoor snack. It contains wine glasses, cutlery, plates, cheese knives, a blanket and a corkscrew. It’s also compact and lightweight, so you can take it with you everywhere.

  • Telescope and astronomy guide

Certainly, there’s nothing more romantic than observing a sky full of stars next to the person you love. To take things to the next level, you could take a telescope and an astronomy guide.

You and your couple will have fun trying to find the planets and constellations in space. In addition, you’ll have a long and interesting conversation about the universe and other deep topics.

  • Loveseat chair

Folding chairs are the best to take to romantic camping trips. They’re comfortable, light and easy to carry. However, individual folding chairs tend to complicate things when you’re trying to cuddle your couple.

For these cases, loveseat chairs are the best choice. They join two folding chairs into one, eliminating that annoying armrest that stands between you and your sweetheart.

3. Protect yourself from the elements

When you spend time outdoors, you need to choose an appropriate place to protect yourself from the elements. The place that will be your temporary home during your romantic evening should be stable, resistant and warm. These are some options you have:

  • Camping tents

Modern tents are light and easy to install. The tent you choose should have enough space for you and your couple. The structure must be sturdy or it will bend easily with the wind.

During the installation process, make sure the stakes penetrate the ground well. If a stake comes out, your tent will fly like a parachute in the middle of the night.

  • Car camping dinner ideas

Campers and RVs are like houses with wheels. They provide all the basic amenities of a common home, including bathrooms, beds, TVs, stove and microwave. Renting one of these will require a large investment. However, guaranteeing the comfort of your loved one justifies every single penny.

RV parks are an excellent option for camping and enjoying a delicious dinner. They’re open most of the year and their prices are quite accessible. Best of all, your RV will be watched all the time.

  • Cabins

For those who prefer glamping, cabins are the best option. There’s nothing better than roasting marshmallows around the fireplace while holding a cup of hot cocoa. You can find cabins as comfortable as you want and as big as you can imagine.

On the Internet you can find a wide variety of different options that might fit your budget.

4. Take your favorite food

When you go camping, it’s convenient that you bring your own food. Especially if the nearest restaurant is several miles away. Prepare a special menu for that special occasion, including your favorite food and that of your couple. Also include several snacks and different drinks to consume during the trip.

Once in the place, take advantage of the heat from the bonfire to cook different types of meats and sausages. Certainly, there’s nothing better than the taste of smoked meat. You can also roast some vegetables and prepare a delicious salad.

Obviously, you can’t forget the dessert. You can take a double pie iron to prepare apple pies, chocolate marshmallow puffs or French toasts. Take out your inner chef and make your own food ideas. That will help you earn some extra points.

couples camping ideas(food)

5. Best adult camping activities

Going camping means fun. And there are many fun things to do with your love one. Here are some ideas:

  • Photography

Taking pictures of stunning natural landscapes can be a fun way to spend time. Take pictures of you and your couple in different locations and show the camera how much you’re enjoying the moment.

Photos are forever and will help you remember your happiest moments in the future.

  • Painting

If you and your couple have artistic abilities, a romantic camping trip may be the best time to start painting. Use the elements of nature to inspire you and do your best to make something beautiful. When you return home, you can hang the painting in the living room so that you remember this wonderful trip every time you see it.

  • Swimming

If the temperature and water flow allow it, you can dip yourself in a lake or a river. Some camping sites have nearby pools and hot springs where you can relax with your couple. Don’t forget to wear your life jacket in case you don’t know how to swim.

  • Backpacking

If nature calls you, put on your backpack and start walking. You’ll be surprised to discover the great diversity of flowering and wildlife hidden within the forest. Be careful not to get too far away or you could get lost. Be sure to bring a compass and a map to know where you’re. A GPS device could also help.

  • Biking

If you want to move faster, you can take a couple of bikes so you and your couple can enjoy a pleasant ride. Choose an easy path and stay away from high slopes and uneven terrain. Don’t forget to wear protective equipment while riding.

  • Kayaking

A kayak trip on calm water can be an unforgettable experience. You can reach places where cars and bikes can’t access. Be sure to wear the required equipment to ensure safety in your kayak trip.

  • Fishing

There’s nothing better than the taste of fresh fish. If you’re lucky, you could fish a huge salmon and cook it directly on the campfire. Just a little salt, pepper, lemon and some spices. A fancy dinner for less money than you would spend in a restaurant.

  • Watching TV

A pair of Tiki torches and a TV can be a low-cost alternative. Only you and your couple, sitting on a loveseat chair watching a romantic movie. Don’t forget an extra blanket to not let the heat escape.

  • Singing

Why not compose your own love song? If you have musical talent, sit around the campfire, take a guitar and start singing. There’s no better way to show how much you love someone than to dedicate a song.

  • Camping games

Many camping sites offer guided activities for young people and adults. You can do all kinds of things like throwing an ax, shooting an arrow or cutting logs. If you really enjoyed those camping trips with your friends when you were a child, this would be the perfect excuse to relive those moments.

6. Bringing the magic with Mystical Fire

If the magic of string lights isn’t enough for you, you should try Mystical Fire. This product gives fire in colors like purple, yellow, blue and green. It comes in small packages and you just have to throw them into the fire to see how the magic happens.

couples camping ideas(fire)

You can find Mystical Fire in camping stores and shopping websites.

Tips for Cozy & Romantic Camping

Now that you know what you should do and the equipment you should carry, it’s time to learn some date tips to take your romantic camping experience to the next level. This is what you should do:

1. Good planning is the key to success

There’s a greater chance of success when things are well planned. So, improvisation isn’t an option in these cases. So, start researching the best seasons to visit the place you have in mind.
Start calculating the costs associated with the trip and make sure you have enough money. Look for different alternatives in case money is your biggest problem.

2. Keep it a secret

People love surprises. Therefore, it’s convenient to do some fun things in secret to keep the emotion alive. When your partner realizes the large amount of money, time and effort you have invested in your romantic evening, he/she will feel very happy and grateful.

3. Stay away from distractions

To connect with your soulmate, you must first disconnect from the outside world. That means that during your camping trip, you should stay away from the following distractions:

  • Cellphones

Keep your cellphone off or in silent mode. During those special moments, your couple should be your highest priority. If you’re going to turn off your phone, first let your family and friends know that you’re spending holidays with your couple and that you don’t want to be disturbed. That way, they won’t worry too much if you don’t answer their calls.

  • Other people

When you’re looking for a place to camp, make sure you choose a private place. During a romantic evening, the least you want is a lot of people around you making noise and watching what you do.

4. Take some good friends with you

If you decide to visit a place on the recommendation of another couple, ask them to accompany you on your romantic trip. You and your couple may not have as much privacy as you wish, but an extra pair of hands can make things easier.

In addition, they can guide you and help you get to know the place better. So, next time you and your couple visit it, you won’t need help from anyone else.

5.Understand the inconveniences

Certainly, a camping trip is the opposite of spending the night at a 5-star hotel. When going on camping, you and your couple should be clear of the difficulties and shortcomings you’ll have during the trip. For example, maybe there will be no water, gas, electricity, telephone and Internet services.

So, you and your couple will have to light a fire to prepare food, going potty into the woods and help each other when necessary. Planning together possible solutions will help strengthen your relationship. In addition, both of you will learn to work as a team to face future challenges.


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