camping in the rain

Waiting for those sunny days might mean you are missing all the fun to get outdoors and making fun memories all because you are afraid of rain. Of course, I do not recommend you to camp in the thunderstorm. Camping in the rain can be fun and highly enjoyable. Fall is the best time to pass the time in nature, enjoy the peaceful scenes, trekking through the forest and get the sniff of fresh, wet air.

Although rain can get in your way and ruin your mood, but that does not mean it will ruin your camping trip.Camping in the rain is always challenging unless you know the right technique and tips.With the right materials and preparation, you can confidently approach for this challenge and find yourself in a brilliant outdoor trip.

Essential Items And Gears Required For Camping In The Rain

A rainy day is considered to be a sad and moody day. This is no longer true if go outside and enjoy the day. Camping in the rain bring joy and fun. However, you need the right type of equipment to overcome the problems rain can occur. Read below to get a full list of essentials to camp in the rain and enjoy the time.

Waterproof Tent

Waterproof TentOf course you will not forget to bring the tent. However, make sure your tent is waterproof. If you are buying a tent for the first time, go for those tents which guarantee waterproof performance. If you already have a tent and you have not used it for a while, it’s time to check whether it’s performance remains OK or not. Pitch the tent in your back garden, pour water and find out is there any leaks or damage which might help rain to get in. Do not worry if you found any. You can always seal the leaks with seam sealer or some tent patches.

Extra Groundsheet

Extra GroundsheetNever forget to bring an extra groundsheet with you if you know rain is on the way. For added dump protection, put this extra groundsheet under the tent.You can also put an extra blanket to make sure everything’s remain dry.

Weather Resistant Tarp

Weather Resistant TarpBring at least two tarps and some rope if you have the room for these. Instead of extra groundsheet you can put a water resistant poly tarp under the tent. Water that goes under the tents and seeps up will now through under this tarp so that your equipment, sleeping bag and packs will remain dry.

You can also put an extra tarp over a tent if you are worried that dripping water can get into the tents. Or one at the outside of the tent to make it a shelter for making a campfire or gathering place. You can put all other gears and outdoor electronic devices under this shelter.

Waterproof Bags

Waterproof BagsDo not trust 100 percent to your waterproof. Always keep a waterproof bag with you. It will also keep your critical gears such as sleeping bag, foods, electronics and clothes even you are on the move.

Extra Pair of Socks

Did I just mention the socks? Yes, you have heard right. For wet, rainy weather brings as many as you can. For a rainy weather, of course you never want to get stuck because of bringing only one pair socks. Socks are easy to get wet while you are on the move and bringing more than just one pair will help you change the wet one and making it dry.

Pick the Right Gears

When we talk about right clothing we talk about clothing more suitable for camping in the rain. Waterproof clothing is an obvious if you know rain in on the way. Don’t just get the thin layered poncho. When we talk about waterproof gears we talk about waterproof jacket, boots, pants, poncho and a good quality brimmed hat too. If you are not interested in brimmed hat, try to buy waterproof jacket that comes with a hood. Waterproof gear will help you keep yourself dry even you get out of the tents.

Dry and Packed Foods

Dry and Packed FoodsThe hot food is great for any camping, but if the rain is heavy, hot food is definitely off the menu. Try to pack dehydrated, dry foods which do not require cooking before you leave. It is hard to make fire in a rainy situation and you cannot use the camp stove inside your tent. So, bringing some dry foods is a great choice.

Cigarette Lighter

Cigarette LighterBring at two cigarette lighters when you for a campaign, not just for camping in the rain. However, for a rainy weather it is a must have. Making fire will warm you up if the temperature is turned down. It is advised to bring an extra, in case the rain water damages the first one.

Books, Games, Laptop and Others

Books, Games, Laptop and OthersIt might be hard to believe that, a great outdoor camping can be really boring or even oppressive if it rains too hard. So, bring some books, board games, playing cards, laptop or a DVD player to entertain you while you wait for the rain to stop.

These are the must have things you should pack before leaving for camping in this fall. These equipment will help you overcome challenges and give you a pleasant outdoor time while camping in the rain.

Camping In the Rain vs. Dry Camping

Camping In the Rain vs. Dry CampingCamping in the rain and dry camping are two different terms in the camping world. You already know about camping in the rain. Now let’s talk about dry camping and its differences from camping in the rain;

  • Dry refers to camping in a place where electricity, water and other basic needs are not available. It sounds horrifying, but a lot of people head out to such places and enjoy a calm and lonely surroundings. The question may arrive, how people survive while dry camping. Well, it’s not that hard as it seems. You can always take water, foods and portable power source to meet the need.
  • Camping in the rain on the other provides greater opportunity to collect water, foods and even get electrical support. However, you need to be very careful dealing with electricity in the rain.
  • For dry camping, you need to be very careful about spending water.
  • For camping in the rain water is not a problem at all. Rain water both useful and drinkable. In fact, it is purest form water.
  • The similar things for camping in the rain and dry camping is that in both cases, you need to bring portable electronic devices and packed, dry foods along with you.

These are the facts about dry camping and camping in the rain. Both of these camping is challenging. However, with proper preparation and technique, you can stay comfortable and enjoy the camping period.

How to Set Camp In Rain?

Whether you are a seasoned camper or a novice one, you will have to deal with a lot of things while camping in the rain. Although, staying dry and comfortable in a rainy weather is not that difficult if you out some care and thoughts while camping in the rain.

In this section I will discuss how to camp in the rain in upper ground with waterproof tent and tarp. You may choose otherwise; however, this is the best way keep your tents dry for longer time. If you choose lower grounds and do not use any tarp, water might get inside, if it rains heavily. Without further delay, let’s learn more about how to camp in the rain;

Take Preparation

Prepare your stuffs before leaving for camping. Especially check tent and its condition. You might be interested to make your non-waterproof tent into a waterproof one by using waterproofing spray on it. This is the easiest way, but I recommend you not to do that. For a heavy rain, it will not long last. And yes, don’t forget to take other necessary stuffs discussed in the second section of this article.

Choose the Right Spot

Choose the Right SpotA good way to put camp in the rain is on the high ground, which is not lower than other campsite or does not slope down. Do not set up your tent on gullies and hollows where water flows.

Setting Up the Camp

Setting Up the CampAfter choosing the right spot, it is time to set up the camp and make the shelter. Make sure other items are not exposed to rain while taking your tents and other camping materials from the pack. And of course do not fall onto the wet ground. Instead of using single skin tents, use a double skin tent to provide an extra protection against rain. And remember to do the camping as fast as you can.

If your tent does not come up with an added rain fly, put a waterproof tarp over the tent. This will protect your tent from water blowing from screen opening andalso protect you and your stuff if the tent started leaking.

Secure your tent and tarp firmly to the ground with stakes and rope or attach to a tree with ropes and clips.

Use Tarp On The Ground

Use Tarp On The GroundPut a water resistant tarp on the ground. The idea here is setting your tent on top of the tarp. This will keep away the water that flows through the ground. For added protection, add an extra groundsheet top of the tarp. It will surely keep your stuffs dry and you will feel more comfortable in the shelter.

Get Under Cover

Get Under CoverOnce the camp is pitched get inside quickly without dampening your stuffs and gears if it already started raining. Remove wet clothing at first so that you do not feel any discomfort. Keep them in a way so that it does not make your groundsheet. Make sure your gears and stuffs under the weather tent.

Keep away all of your bedding and clothing away from corners and sides before it begins to rain. Seams and corners are more likely places which can leak.

Put More Tarps Outside

Put More Tarps OutsideIf it rains for a longer time, it is wise to Place tarp outside to make porch where you can make a fire and keep other outdoor gears. Use stakes and rope to secure the tarp or you can tie the rope to a nearby tree. You can also enjoy the storm from this place.

When You Are Done

When You Are DoneWhen you are done setting the camp, organize your stuff. Put some dry and warm clothes if the weather becomes cold. Do not bring any wet items inside the tent, keep them in the porch. As you are done, you are ready for the rain to come. If it started raining get inside, keep yourself warm. Now you can relax for a bit. If you get bored do not forget to keep yourself entertained.

These are the simple but very effective steps for camping in the rain. For those who enjoy rain, camping in the rain can really be highly enjoyable and indeed a memorable event.

Bring Some Newspapers

You might think, what newspapers can do if it started raining? Well, you might run on fuel and these newspapers can be an ideal fire starter if the rest of your surroundings are waterlogged.

Collect Fresh Water For Drinking

Do not forget to collect fresh water for drinking purposes. You might run out of your drinkable water and as you know, rain water is completely safe to drink store as much as you can.

Watch Out The Rocks

While setting the camp and while moving in and out watch out for the rocky spots. Rocks can easily tear apart your tarp and groundsheet. It is important to look out for the rocks while walking as well. You might fall and get injured if do not pay much attention toit.

Be Careful About Lightning

It is very crucial part to keep the lightening in the rain. You need to very careful and it best to avoid touching any wires without turning off the power.

These are the most useful tips if you go for camping in the rain. Following these tips can help you lessen your suffering and enjoy the day.

Hammock for Camping In the Rain

Hammock for Camping In the RainWhen we think about camping, the image that first comes to our mind is a tent. A tent is the universal and most popular symbol for camping. However, things are getting changed recently. A lot of people are considering hammock for the camping. It offers more versatile use and it is definitely a lot easier to set up. If it started raining, a hammock with rain fly or tarp over it can keep you dry more than any kinds of tent. You will be hanging above the ground so; there will be no risk of getting mud or water. You can your gears will remain safe.

Benefit and Drawbacks of Hammock for Camping In the Rain

There are a lot of benefits hammock can bring you if you consider camping in the rain. Those are;

  • Easier to set up, may take only 10 to 15 minutes
  • You will stay dry. Just put a waterproof tarp over the hammock and you are completely safe.
  • Your gears and material will be safe from water damage.
  • You will have more open space to breathe and enjoy the scenery. Just remove the tarp when rains stop.
  • You will sleep better, no insects or a rock under the ground sheet will make any disturbance
  • The hammock is lightweight and it saves a lot space

These are the most common benefits of a hammock for camping in the rain. There are other benefits as well, like hammock is more cost effective and requires less material to set up. However, there are some demerits also which include;

  • Offer less space to relax
  • The hammock is suitable for a person only. It is not possible to stay comfortably if you and your partner want to have a nap. You will require two hammocks to do that.
  • You will have sufficiently very low space to keep your gears and stuffs.

Apart from these demerits, the hammock is still a great choice for camping in the rain if you want to stay dry for a longer time.

Car Camping In the Rain

Car Camping In the RainCamping is a great way to have some relaxed time away from all those crowds and hustle of life. For being the most easily camping methods, car camping has become more popular, especially for those who are beginner in the camping world.

Car camping is generic meaning. Although you might think of parking on the campsite and sleeping inside the car refers to car camping. Actually, it is not. Car camping means you will pack everything in your car and go to a campsite where you can pull off your car and set up the tent on the ground. For these campsites, you will be able to take your car directly to the campsite. There are lots of national parks and state parks and private campgrounds offer a lot of car camping places.

Benefits of Car Camping in the rain

There are lots of benefits car camping offers when you are camping in the rain. Those are;

  • You can easily pack up and head to the car if it is nearby.
  • Your stuffs and equipment will remain safe from water damage
  • You will be able to remain dry and enjoy the rain.
  • Staying dry means no more cold or flu.
  • Car camping is great if have children with you
  • If it contuse to rain, you will able to move out without getting wet

Car camping is really enjoyable and lifesaving if you are camping in rainy season. It will save from getting wet and you will be able to move easily from one place to another.

Camping In the Rain Activities

Camping In the Rain ActivitiesNo matter how much you try, you cannot skip the time if it started raining outside. A lot of people feel and enjoy the rain. However, if it rains for hours you might feel bored and it can be overwhelming to pass the time. Do worry! There are both indoor and outdoor activities you can try. Here are few things to do if you are camping in the rain;

Camping in the rain indoor activities are;

Play Games

Play GamesPass your time by playing games. A board game can be perfect for passing a wet weather day. Board games like chess, caroms and monopoly can be highly enjoyable and time consuming as well.

Hot Cocoa for Everyone

Hot Cocoa for EveryoneCampfire might not be possible when it rains outside. Instead of making delicious recipe, make some hot cocoa. It will refresh everyone.

Tell a Story

Tell a StoryStorytelling is another great way to pass some time. For a rainy weather it is best to keep everyone engaged with a great story.

Sing a Song

No camping is complete without some campfire songs. For a rainy day, pass your time by singing and listen your favorite songs. Engage everyone in a singing competition. It will be fun and your time will fly.

Watch Your Favorite Movies

Have you brought your laptop or a DVD player? If so, nothing is more enjoyable than watching your favorite movie when it rains outside. Make some popcorn and provide delicious cookies to everyone. Now, sit tight and enjoy the movie.

These are the most useful indoor activities you can try when it rains outside to enjoy the time. For outdoor activities camping in the rain outdoor activities are;

Sail Some Paper Boats

Sail Some Paper BoatsWhen we are kids, a lot of us used to make paper boats and sail them on flooding water. Why not doing this while it rains? Make some paper boats and start racing to see whose paper boats run faster.

Organize a Puddle Contest

Organize a Puddle ContestIf it continues to rain and you are bored sitting inside, making a puddle splashing contest can really be funny. No matter what is your age, making a puddle contest will be highly enjoyable.

Go for a Wet-Weather Hike

Go for a Wet-Weather HikeHiking in a dry weather is fun. However, you might get some amazing and fun experience in a wet-weather hiking. Just grab your umbrella, put your rain coat and rain boots, get outside and see what beauty the nature can offer you. You might come into facing some interesting creature you will never see in dry weather.

I believe now you have got sufficient ideas to pass your time when camping in the rain. You will no longer feel bored on a rainy day.


Camping in the rain is of course challenging, but provides great experience and fun. With proper methods and early preparation, camping in the rain can bring you the excitement you seek, plus it will provide you the natural beauty unlike anything a dry season can provide. So, why are you waiting? Grab your waterproof stuffs and head out for camping in the rain.

By reading this article, I believe you got sufficient knowledge to make your camping more enjoyable and fun making. If you have any queries, please write us back. Finally, happy camping!


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