Ecoflow River Portable Power Station Review

Have you any plan to backup sudden power outage? If you have the backup it’s good for you. If not, then you should start planning for it. In this case an Ecoflow River portable power station can be a part of your plan as it’s easy to carry and has got multiple ports to connect with a wide range of gadgets and get them ready for further use.

So, is it going to help you to be connected and be with the power connection in the emergency situation? Well, keep reading the following sections hope you will find the answer whether its efficient for you or not.

List of Specifications

  • Power Output: 412Wh (114000mAh)
  • Power Generator Outlets: 11
  • Working Time (30 Watts): 11 hours approximately
  • Input: 10~22 Volt
  • Maximum Input Wattage: 110 Watts
  • Maximum Output Wattage: 150 Watts
  • Weight: 11 lbs.
  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion Battery
  • Certifications: FC/ CE/ ROHS/ MSDS/ UN38.3
  • Dimensions: 10.6″ x 7.1″ x 9.8″
  • Warranty: 18 Months

Key Features with Explanation

Here’re the most important features of this silent power station.

Power Backup And Delivery

This Ecoflow River power provider comes with a Lithium ion battery. It helps it to be silent but efficient in power serving. The battery helps it to provide the user about 412 Wh. If you use a 30 watt electronic item then it can give you a backup of 11 hours. For a user out in the woods it’s a great support.

Solar Generator

The most interesting part of this portable power station is the recharging with the help of solar panel. The solar panel is not provided with the package. You will need to buy the portable solar panel and an adaptor for it, but you think you don’t get out of power when you have the solar support with you. No matter where you go and how long you live out of the power service you still can charge the solar power bank and get it ready for further usage.

Lightweight Energy Provider

By now we have got the idea how efficient this tool is but nothing to worry about its size and weight while going out for camping or facing any power outage. It’s just about 11 pounds and can support the users in a great way to for long hours.  Its compact size and low weight makes it a good choice for carrying to a certain distance.

Thermal Management

River power station is designed in a way to support the users in every condition. You will be able to get the backup from it even its -4F around you. Also it has got the thermal protection to support the users when the temperature rises up to 140F. The temperature rise can be for weather or running it for long hours.

Water Repellent Case

If you want to have a camp near water or travel by boat then it also can be a good option as it has got the water resistant case. Which allows the users to make a good use of the portable power station around the water or any accidental water drops on it will not harm it.

After carefully testing and reviewing the user experiences of both us and other customers, we have got the following points to discuss so that you can know how you may benefit from the power station.

Overall usability

It has got the ability to help in any kind of power outage. You can enjoy your RV or photo shoot in a remote area where the electricity is not regular. Also in the emergency situation you can make a good use of this portable power station by using it for CPAP support. It has got 11 power outlets to help the user recharge multiple gadgets at a time. USB ports along with the AC and DC outlets make it a perfect choice for multiple uses. Even you get a 12 V car port with it.


Ecoflow thinks about their customers and provides a good looking carrying bag for this power station. Moreover it has got a handle with the case to make the carrying simple for its users.

Advantages & Uses

  • Portable
  • Runs For Long Hours
  • Lightweight, Easy to Carry
  • Supports a wide range of electric equipment
  • Multiple Outlet Helps To Connect and Run Several Items
  • Helps to work against all sorts of power outage

Limitations and Disadvantages

  • River Power Provider is Not Fully Charged From The Manufacturer
  • Takes Long To Recharge The Machine After Being Out of Charge

Possible Solutions

After unpacking this portable power station, it may have 20% of its full charge. If you want the best performance from it you should first recharge it fully.

When you drain out all the charges from this power station, it naturally takes a lot of time to get in shape. If you have support then it’s smart to keep some charge of it and recharge it again for further use.


You never know when an emergency may arise. Think about a CPAP patient who needs the power back up 24 hours. A sudden power break will lead the patient to death. So you need to be prepared with power backup for critical conditions. Ecoflow River portable power station makes a statement with its portability and power delivering ability to help the users in critical conditions. It has got the ports to connect wide range of electronic items and face all the unwanted situations.


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