Skateboarding is great fun. It does not matter whether you are old, young, tall, skinny or overweight to learn and participate in this entertaining game. Learning how to start skateboarding does not require much time if you have some dedication and guts. Skateboarding is a type of sport where you will find some basic and advanced tricks. Learning advanced skateboarding tricks is challenging and requires hours of practice. Here we will not cover advanced level skateboarding tricks. What you will learn from this article is some basics of skateboarding like how to stand on the board and ride the board with ease without falling.

Preparation and Getting Accustomed With Skateboarding

No one can become an expert in any given field overnight. To become an expert in a particular field, one needs to start from the basic level, then advances to the next difficult level and finally reach the most challenging level. And it is the athlete or performer who performs well at the most difficult level to become an icon or star.

Weightlifting sport is a good example of it. Weightlifters first lift lightweight plates. Then, they add more plates to the weightlifting rod or stick to make the lifting more challenging. And finally, it is not the weightlifters who weigh heavily become the champion but the lifter who practices weightlifting regularly won the gold medal in a competition.

The same winning principle exists in skateboarding though a little bit differently. In this case, you need to start skateboarding with an expert skateboarder. Make him as your mentor and request him to oversee you when you perform some basic and elementary skating tricks. Learning these basic tricks under the guidance of another person may appear to you useless, but when you feel confident in skateboarding and want to perform some advanced level tricks, those elementary tricks will turn into so invaluable lessons.

Find your suitable stance

Just like other types of board sports, skateboarding requires placing one foot in front of the board and the other on the back. It is the front foot that provides balance while the back foot provides the power to steer the board. Before riding a skateboard, it is quite important that you need to fix your stance. The important thing when it comes to fixing your stance is to determine a standing posture on the board where you feel more comfortable.

If you have a prior water sports experience like surfing, you already have some idea about a comfortable standing position on a skateboard deck.

However, if it is the first time that you want to start riding a skateboard and not sure about your stance, take a little help from a friend.

Stand in a relaxed mode on a skateboard and ask your friend to push you gently forward and notice which foot you tend to use to balance your body on the board so that you don’t fall. This is the foot that you feel most comfortable to keep your balance on the board and it should be your forward foot on a skateboard deck.

Get accustomed with the board

After determining your stance, that is, which foot will act as a front foot and which one will be back, it is now time to get accustomed to the board.  To do that place your board on a soft and cushy surface

Stand on the board and observe your stance and balance. Make sure that you place your front foot over the skateboard’s front truck bolts and the back foot over the back truck bolts. Standing like this will help you to learn how to keep your body balanced on the skate. When you will acquire the mastery of body balance on the skateboard, then, you will also be able to alter your stance.

Now you have learned two rudimentary skills of skateboarding- determining your stance and keeping the balance of your body while standing on the skateboard. You can now go to the streets and hone your skateboard riding skills. The best place to practice skateboarding is an empty parking lot or a little quiet street. You can start stepping on your skateboard, fix your stance and balance while standing still then try jumping a bit.

Some Important Beginner Skateboarding Tips

Use Quality Sporting Equipment

Make sure that you use top quality sporting gear like high-quality skateboard decks, safety helmet, knee and elbow pads etc.

Be determined

Like any other things in the world, practice and determination are the primary requirements of learning skateboarding techniques.

Ready to fall

Fall is inevitable while riding a skateboard. So, get ready to experience frequent falling experience.


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