mount scope on savage 17 hmr

All hunters who go on hunting occasionally or once in a blue moon need to have the best weapon to have one of the best hunting experiences of their life. Every time you go on hunting, you will experience something new as it is a jungle or desert where every visit is different. It is like a complete rollercoaster of fun, excitement, and shooting.

Hunting is always about the shooting, shooting, and shooting. It is also a fact that without aiming at you target, you just can’t press the trigger as it will not only waste your bullet but also alert your target that there is something fishy going on, which makes you target run with its full speed, and you will find it really hard to catch it all over again. All the hunters can relate to this scenario as you may have faced many situations where your position gets detected, and then at the end of the day, you may return with no zero result.

A .17 HMR rifle is quite popular among the hunters, and they take it with them all the time they go on hunting. Have you ever thought of investing in a scope? Do you know how to mount a scope on a savage .17 HMR?

A .17 HMR rifle is one of the most used rifles that people love to pack in their backpack every time they are leaving for the hunting trip. It is also a fact that some hunters even go on hunting with handguns, shotguns, or other guns. The purpose of using guns is to defend, but some people even take it with them to shoot the target. When you go on hunting, you need to defend as the behavior of animals around you can be unpredictable and you may find yourself in a situation where you need to protect yourself.

The rifle is not the only thing you pack in your backpack. There are some famous accessories that can also be a part of your packing stuff. A scope is one of those accessories. If you are willing to buy a scope or already bought a scope, you may want to know how to mount a scope on a savage .17 HMR. So, check out how you mount a scope with savage .17 HMR.

How to mount a scope?

If you have not tried a scope so far, you may not know why you need to use a scope. It is ideal for long-range shots. It is also a fact that there are many people who go on hunting without a scope and are doing really well. When you go on hunting, your shooting skills matter a lot, and if you are not too good at shooting, then you have the option to add some accessories to improve your accuracy.

The scope is one of those accessories that can help you improve your accuracy. People who keep missing their shots often get disheartened as they have to come home without hunting. All such people need a scope for their savage .17 HMR. With a suitable scope, you do not need to stand near your target to shoot it instead you can stand far away from your target to shoot.  The range of scope is something making it popular among the hunters, and they just love the advantage of standing away from the target so that their presence can’t be detected.

Mounting a scope on savage .17 HMR is one of the easiest things you can do. There is no issue you may detect when mounting a scope on your .17 HMR as it is already drilled, and you just need to mount the scope. Most of the scopes come with an instructional manual that will guide you.

You can also install a Picatinny rail scope as most of the hunters install it so that they can easily mount a scope over it. For a better view, you can mount the scope with the lowest ring.


In this article, we discussed how to mount a scope on a savage .17 HMR. It is one of the simplest things you can do.

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