Sturtevant Falls

Sturtevant Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Southern California zone, USA. It is full of varied landscapes, that is occupied by turn-of-the-century Forest Service canyons, an old outdoor resort, a few campsites. It’s also quite near to the L.A. basin sprawl, meaning the main area in this canyon is also “Crowded”.


Big Santa Anita Canyon has situated in the “Front Country” of the San Gabriel Mountains overhead the cities of Sierra Madre and Arcadia, California. And the falls are located in Big Santa Anita Canyon in the slopes of the Angeles National Forest at the Sierra Madre, just north of the suburb of Arcadia, we witnessed that the falls is a tremendously popular as visitor’s destination.

The green moss and some other aquatic organisms are growing on the wall of the cliff where its waters ran created some extra lovely colors to this pleasant 50-foot-tall waterfall.

What made sturtevant falls a tourist attraction?

in the heart of Big Santa Anita Canyon, stunning Sturtevant Falls with its 50 feet of dropping water flows interests thousands of visitors each year. The bushy chaparral and luxurious riparian scenic beauty offer a charming walk. Along the creek-side trail, you would be appeased by the sights and heavenly sounds of continuously falling water spiritedly dancing and flapping under an awning of alder, oak, bay, spruce, and willow, Ivy and vinca with its periwinkle flowers implanted by early forerunners blanket large zones.

The weather and the best time to travel

In Sturtevant, the summers are so warm, and the winters are so cold, dry, and breezy; and it is partly cloudy throughout the year. The temperature usually varies from -8.8 °C to 27 °C


The least rain falls around January 24, with an average total accumulation of 0.7 inches.


The snow less time of the year stays for 7.5 months, from April 3 to November 13. The minimum snow falls around July 30, with an average total liquid-equivalent accumulation of 0.1 inches.

Best Time to Travel

Based on the local tour guide companies, the best time of year to visit Sturtevant for warm-weather activities is from mid-June to mid-September. During these times, the highest temperature goes up to 35 °C and lowest down not below to 19 °C.

Camping at the sturtevant falls

There are 7 walk-in sites at Spruce Grove Campground and 14 at Hoegee’s Trail Camp. All are first-come-first-served. There are also campsites inside the privately-owned Sturtevant’s Camp. For quotation and availability, you will have to call them by phone beforehand.

Cabin at the sturtevant falls

CABIN AT THE STURTEVANT FALLSThere are a few types of cabin available to hire for the tourists:

Guest Cabins

The guest cabins are sizable with four pairs of bunk beds each; capacity of 8 per cabin. So, there are four guest cabins with a capacity of 32 visitors in total.

Retreat Cabin

The Retreat Cabin is ideal for small groups and families up to 6 people with its own kitchen and bathroom.

Honeymoon Cottage

One of the camp’s original buildings. The Honeymoon Cottage is ideal for a couple as it as a single full-size bed in it including two rocking chairs and a wooden table.

Common Facilities

Common FacilitiesSmaller groups at Sturtevant Camp may have to share the common facilities with other groups hang around at the same time. This means sharing the bath and kitchen facilities as well as Sturtevant Lodge and the fireplace room. Though, if you would like to reserve kitchen and bath facilities exclusively for your group then you can reserve both the main area and the Retreat Cabin. The Main Area is $1360.00 per night, regardless of the number of guests. But If you book the main area to capacity, it is only $40 per person!(The price is taken from in September 2018)

Five things to take when staying in the guest cabins

  • Change of clothes, according to the season and local weather.
  • Towel and toiletries, with shampoo and soap.
  • Headlamp or Flashlight.
  • Bug spray (spring and summer).
  • Water bottle (for the trail).

What does your group need to bring?

What your group needs to bring

  • Food and drinks besides water.
  • Depending on your menu, you might need stuff for making your food like aluminum foil, vegetable oil.
  • The camp often has leftover staples such as condiments, syrup, oil, coffee, etc. Check with the camp before you shop.

What you DON’T need to bring?

  • Your mobile phone, because it won’t work due to no network coverage. (Verizon sometimes does from the heliport.Check with your host about emergency communications.)
  • If you decide to bring a smartphone for the camera, remember that electricity is limited to lighting only. So, you won’t be able to recharge your phone’s battery.
  • Anything related to your job.
  • Firearms and/or anything that plugs in.

Please note, each group is appointed with a volunteer host who will be with you at camp, ready to help you have a nun for get table mountain experience.  Since your hosts are volunteers, tips are welcome.

Hiking at Sturtevant falls

I will wholeheartedly suggest this hike if you live in or have the wish to visit the place. It is such a nice get away from crowdy and chaotic city life and provides some fresh breaths that almost anyone would love to take in. Take your time and plan for a couple of hours as you will want to enjoy all of the lovely sights and stay at the falls. If you want to perform a longer hike you can also go to Hermit Falls which is downstream and which is another enjoyable waterfall in the zone.

Getting to the trailhead

GETTING TO THE TRAILHEADTake the Santa Anita exit from the 210 toward Acadia. Keep going on Santa Anita Canyon Road for about 10 KM until it ends at Chantry Flat. If you can find a parking spot here, hitch it and show your Adventure Pass. The Pack Station has overflow parking spaces for some extra charges.

Parking suggestions

Most of the people have faced extremely problematic time locating parking places for their vehicles that is practically near to the trailhead. Some of them finally find parking at a suitable place more down the twisting mountain needing them to walk an extra two or three-fourth Km just to get them on track.For this reason, what was supposed to be barely 5.1 Kilometers round-trip trek on average,ended up being almost 7 or even 8 KM round trip!

So, it was strongly recommended to reach the trail head as early as humanly possible to avoid the parking nightmare here. Parking along the curving canyon path can be more than enough to ruin your hiking trip — and on top of it, if you aren’t super-watchful, infamously spotty signage can get you a heavy parking ticket from L.A. County Sheriffs.

Sturtevant falls trail conditions

Excellent. This is a well-traveled and well-maintained course, with abundantly of clear trail signs. With all the “upper and lower” types of tracks, it might get puzzling, but if you have a map and know where you’re heading, you should be able to get your way.

All the key points you can get here at a glance

  • Camping friendly
  • Pet-friendly
  • Kid Friendly
  • Requires an adventure pass to park
  • 600 feet of elevation
  • 3 Miles
  • Historical Interest
  • Multiple Trails
  • Portable Water
  • Available Shades
  • Huge water features


Hiking Chantry Flat in The Angeles National Forest

ANGELES NATIONAL FORESTThis walk in the Angeles National Forest is a great opportunity to get some true mountain hiking experience without driving too far or breaking too much of a sweat. Weara few heavy boots or shoes that will stand a dunking, because this walk requires a couple of easy water crossings. Buy an Adventure Pass ($5 for a day, $30 for the year) at a Sports Chalet or Big 5 sporting goods store before you go. You can also park close to the trailhead and get your Adventure Pass from the charming Adams’ Pack Station store at Chantry FlatIf it’s Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

From the trail head near the end of North Santa Anita Canyon Road, just north of Arcadia, begin a paved half-mile descent past growths of pine, oak, sumac,and bay laurel into the deeper shade of Big Santa Anita Canyon below.

At the bridge, you may stop to immerse into an ancient history. During the Great Hiking Era, from the 1890s to the 1920s, this was a regular destination in the San Gabriel Mountains for tens of thousands of hiking enthusiasts.

You’ll begin to see cabins as you approach the creek. The area, homesteaded since the early 1900s, once crowed hundreds of cabins, built by hand from materials that had to be brought in by pack mule. Still, now, water and firewood are still transported in that way, on mule trains that also work as the area’s sanitation section, making the downhill journey carrying bags of garbage from the 80 privately owned cabins that remain.

The Return Journey

On the return journey, consider spreading your walk by a half-hour with a side trip to Hermit Falls. Get refreshed from the half-mile uphill track at the end at Adams’ Pack Station. Then, yo can enjoy the heritage of the last remaining pack station in the San Gabriels. It was built in 1936, with a general store functioning since 1953, and is a perfect place to buy hiking and camping equipment or get a healing hot coffee, cold drink or quick snack.

The 4Ds

Duration: 1.5 hour

Distance: 5.7 Kilometers


  • Dogs on a leashare
  • Mountain bikes are
  • Parking pass is strictly required.

Difficulty: 3.5 on a scale of 1 to 5 (depending on the person)

Some notable trails around sturtevant falls


  • Switzer Falls Trail(Hiking Area)
  • Eaton Canyon Falls(Hiking Area)
  • Rubio Canyon Trail head(Hiking Area)
  • Sam Merrill Trail head(Hiking Area)
  • Sunset Ridge Trail(Hiking Area)
  • Millard Trail Camp (campground)


ConclusionYou would love most of the waterfalls in the Southern California area. But, the popularity and scenic beauty will engage you to remember Sturtevant above all of them.  The place is a lot less crowded during the weekday. So, if you are a crowd hater, you may try going there on weekdays. Nevertheless, you would still found it pretty hard to believe that such an escape could be so near to the city.


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