Elysian Park

In America, where spending hours with Mickey and Minnie at their home in Disney land, taking the Simpsons ride in Universal Studios or having a romantic dinner in 100 years old Santa Monica pier might seems more interesting than trolling in a park.Hence,when you want fresh air to breathe and a picnic place with pre-set up table and bench than there is no suitable option than a park.

You can talk about multiple parks in LA but Elysian Park is one of the hidden gems of Los Angeles. This is the second largest park, also one of the oldest in Los Angeles.  Elysian Park los Angeles May be not that popular as above-mentioned Disney land or Hollywood theme parks yet have multiple attraction points to visit purposed for family picnic and friendly hangouts don’t bother! You can also do romantic dates here, if you and your partner love talking while roaming through grassy pathways.

Take a ride with us to explore the park more then decide whether you want to go there or not. I bet you will like it.

Why You Should Visit the Elysian Park?

Grab a bear and take a seat, now I will take you to a D-tour in this fabulous yet unloved park of Los Angeles, where you get every facility that a modern citizen need while having all the fun for a day. Many aspects of this park need to be highlighted, such as

  • a hiking route touching the skyline
  • splendid park design
  • An environmental bliss | Elysian Park
  • deep-rooted car culture surrounding the park
  • fun ballpark Los Angeles dodgers stadium
  • secret swing on the top of Elysian
  • hidden waterfall park

These places are the main attractions of the park, though thousands of mysterious spots that still need to be crowded with your footsteps available in that park.

A Hiking Route Touching the Skyline

A Hiking Route Touching the SkylineA suitable hiking route lies in the northwest of Elysian park, almost in the hub of central LA. This part of the park is rarely used by people, very well shaded, and accompanied by magnificent views of the city horizon, if the air is clear. This one is an incredible route for hiking or you can do a steady cardio before work out. The feature that the route will offer

  • Pet friendly hiking rout, can have your pet while hiking, specially dogs
  • Relatively easy hiking trails, suitable for beginners
  • Perfect scenario for urban hikers and runners
  • Almost all the way shaded with small trees

Splendid Park Design

Splendid Park DesignThe park is designed like avast blank canvas with dry, dusty landscape filled with palms and small trees and messy bushes. Many Americans love this park, because of its plenty space for decent stretching and gossiping while eating a ham.

An Environmental Bliss | Elysian Park

An Environmental BlissThis one is not like Lincoln, Echo Park or Hollen beck, though the park designed with numerous lakes and exotic plants distracted the park from others. The design of the park created a controlled environment that can connect to the people who visit here.

Deep-Rooted Car Culture Surrounding the Park

Deep-Rooted Car Culture Surrounding the ParkIf you have a nice car and enough enthusiasm for motor vehicles, what you are waiting for! Join the exhibition and socialize yourself through the cruising. Elysian Park becomes one of the favorite places for American young hot shots, who like to show off their cars.

What you need for good level cruising? Cheap gas, free roads, plenty parking and little traffic, all are here in LA. Everything is ideal in LA for driving your new Porsche model or show off the modified mustang GTR. Every Car geek in LA come to Elysian park with their motor hunk and shows the pride.

Fun Ballpark Los Angeles Dodger’s Stadium

Los Angeles Dodger's StadiumIf you want to roam through green nature and after that want to watch a ball game with a pack of pop corns, than Elysian is a perfect park for you. It is an expensive yet fun feature of the park. It is a stadium loaded with history and pride for Los Angeles citizen.

 Secret Swing On The Top Of Elysian

Secret Swing On The Top Of ElysianElysian Park is underrated;however, the popularity of the secret swing on the top height of the park is incredibly popular.It is a perfect place to take pictures, do picnic and swing over the freeway. You have to cover steep trail to get on the top, though the road is incredibly short. Many LA people don’t even know that a great form of liberating entertainment placed into the heart of the park top. Don’t forget to take your sturdy shoes and camera.

Hidden Waterfall Park

Hidden Waterfall ParkYou simply cannot resist the curiosity letting yourself merge into the Elysian waterfall. It is a picture perfect rock garden hidden behind the Police Academy in Elysian Park. Most of the people don’t even know its details. It is nice place to put your hand in the cool water and have some stylish pictures for the album. If you do visit Elysian, don’t miss it.

Important Facts About Elysian

Every attraction has some cons that cannot be overlooked and Elysian is not out of the league. We are going to provide you some facts about Elysian that you should avoid while visiting there.

  • You might find not so nice looking dead trees and died up plants under water in the lake side of the park
  • You should avoid south side of the park, where you might find disturbing image of homeless people sheltering under shades
  • The city administration might overlooking the disposal system in the park that’s why old garbage’s piled by homeless peoples piled up in some places
  • Some benches are turned over here and there, that might give you uncomfortable feelings while in a picnic in Elysian

Over the entire park is a great source of natural beauty that can heal you spiritually. Avoid these things and you can enjoy a beautiful time in the Elysian park, because there are lots of things in the park that will give inner peace deep into your bity bothered soul.


Watch a ball game or swing yourself in the air on the top of the Elysian, whatever you do, Elysian park will never get tired to entertain you and your family with its natural resources. This is a place, by which green bed of grass and blue shed of sky will encourage anyone to come here over and over. Pack your bags and take a tour in Elysian park to get rid of LA’s monotonous life for once, trust me you won’t regret it.


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